Total Wipeout


I’ve noticed that some Googlers have ended up on eventjuice having searched for information on ‘Total Wipeout Events’, looking for details about the course, or something similar in the UK. So I’ve looked into this and hope this post answers those questions: Where is the Total Wipeout course and can I have a go? The […]

Using Time Wisely

event ideas/parties/theming ideas

I know that it’s a little early to be planning New Year’s Eve, but I saw this on another blog (Group Think Event Blog) and really liked it. Like New Year’s Eve, if time plays a crucial role in the evening, why not make time a focal point of the event and incorporate it into […]

A technical event requ…[Apologies, this post is OUT OF ORDER]


This weekend, I went to a music exhibition with some friends, which was all about the history of popular music in Britain.  Like a lot of people, I love this sort of thing, so when it comes to an afternoon all about music – I’m an easy one to please. However, most of the activities, […]