Internships In The Event Industry: A Guide For Interns

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Internships in the United Kingdom are an emerging trend in the way that employers recruit graduates. It’s no doubt that if you’re a current student or recently graduated, the buzz word “internship” will have graced your vocabulary. A recent survey by the High Fliers reported a worrying statistic: more than half the recruiters they surveyed […]

How To Convince A Client They Need An Event Planner

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I have worked in or with just about every position there is in both corporate and social events and one of the biggest mysteries to me is how customers and clients think event planners are an unnecessary expense. I understand that up front that they might need an explanation of cost, but almost everyone that […]

Well Said!

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

Trade shows, conferences, meetings and events all need marketing material of some sort such as banner stands, desk-top displays, easy to navigate websites, leaflets, business cards and brochures. You may need more than one of these but whatever the event may be, you need to promote your product and/or services to maximum potential. While everything […]

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Details, Details, Details

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They say, “the devil is in the details,” but when planning an event the details are the most important part. As event planners, it is our job to act as designers, coordinators, and sometimes the occasional cake taster. Paying close attention to the smallest details will help make sure your event is not only fantastic, […]

The Party Planner’s Cheat Sheet

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We all want to organise awesome parties, but pulling everything together can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a process in place. I’ve created a simple checklist that will walk you through the stages of planning a party. This will work for most evening events – in many cases you will need to […]

Help With Premises Licenses & Temporary Event Notices

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As discussed in my last post, the Licensing Act 2003 makes certain activities in the United Kingdom licensed. What that ultimately means is: if you wish to provide that kind of entertainment at your event, you’re going to need a license to do it. This post will cover the difference between premises licenses and temporary […]

The 5 Important P’s, Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance – Part II

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Meetings Well-focused, well-organized meetings are essential. It is always good practice to have a clear agenda to follow and to email this out in advance so the invitees can prepare accordingly. Try, however, not to address too many things in one go or allow the meeting to digress too far from the pre-determined topics. Lengthy […]

Simple tips to raise your venue’s profile

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

Working in a venue’s sales office is tough. I know only too well the pressures of working in such an environment! You’ve tried slashing the conference rates, adding an offer on a ‘daily deal’ website, but nothing is bringing in new or repeat business. So how do you actually get more bookings? You don’t necessarily […]

What Types of Speakers are Good at Dinner Parties?

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Dinner party speakers should be able to offer a wide range of different speeches for various occasions and audiences. Finding the right speaker means understanding the particular context of an event, whether it is a more corporate, formal gathering or a celebration. Good speakers should also demonstrate the right mixture of entertainment and authority, and […]

4 Tips You Need To Read Before Hiring Your Next Vendor

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Finding the right vendors for your event can be one of the biggest challenges in the planning process, especially if you are planning an event in a city you don’t live or work in. Hopefully a few of the following tips will help you navigate the waters a little easier and make sure you are […]

The 5 Important P’s – Part 1

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Planning prevents piss poor performance Of course it would seem logical to plan well in order to avoid disaster but it is astounding how many events take place that are either poorly attended because a concise marketing strategy was never properly implemented or the event is utter chaos because somewhere along the line, someone dropped […]

Licensable activities: What do I need a license for?

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The Licensing Act 2003 is the act which governs licensable activities within the UK. The aim of the act is to provide a comprehensive framework which covers all licensable activities, which includes regulating the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of entertainment, and the provision of late night refreshment. It also covers offences relating […]