The Tides Are [In]Turning On Unpaid Internships (And They’re Being Paid For It, Too!)

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I must first ask for forgiveness for using such a terrible pun in the title – I simply could not resist! But despite the jest, the topic of unpaid internships is reaching critical mass. A string of tribunal cases and two very high-profile cases should have HR managers everywhere asking – “Are unpaid internships really […]

Planning A Gig: 7 Steps To Make It Happen

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I’ve been meaning to write a post about how to plan a gig for a while, and on Sunday I went to Hackney Weekend and felt inspired. There’s something really special about discovering musicians that you really like or seeing your favourite band live. So the more opportunities to see and hear live music performances, […]

The Ins and Outs of Cultural Events: We’ve Done The Homework So You Don’t Have To

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It is all very well offering cultural events and weddings but you need to have done your homework in order to know what to expect and more importantly, what to offer. Being able to discuss such topics in initial meetings will demonstrate a certain empathy for different customs that will definitely bare you in good […]

Getting the Most out of your Online Event Registration

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You have made the decision to start collecting your registration data online, but what’s next? How can you turn this into something beyond simple data collection and make the data work for you and your event? With just a few simple guidelines you can make sure that your registration gives you everything you want and […]

How to Market your Event Company

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Breaking into the event business is hard, challenging, and down right frustrating at times. If you are just starting out in the event industry, it can be an upward climb to get your name out there. Consider these routes to help advertise your new company: WWW The internet. If your company doesn’t have a presence […]

Internships: A Guide for Employers

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Times are tough, right? Whether you’re a multi-national company or a new start-up (or something in between, most likely!), everyone could do with an extra set of hands. Due to the difficult job market at the moment, it’s not uncommon for recruiters to have graduates and students banging down their door offering their services to […]

Remove the Blinkers!

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Being versatile is the only method of survival in our corporate cutthroat world. Event Managers and Event Planners always need to be on the look out for what is trending, search for the innovative factor that will give the edge over competitors and find ways in which to drive company inspiration and creativity forward while […]

Events Make You Money

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Its called investing in your future clients. Those who have been able to accept the upfront costs of hosting corporate events are well and truly ahead of the game. Events do cost money, and exceptional events cost even more but in reality you are almost 100% guaranteed to recoup and prosper. It may not be […]

How organization and time management can change your life and event

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Time management, of all the things I have tried to teach people, is the trickiest piece. So many people in the event industry are working day in and day out and have little to no outside life in between. I firmly believe however that outside the week prior to the event if you are working […]

Million Dollar Events on Shoe String Budgets

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We have all looked through event magazines and seen over-the-top parties that have budgets well into the millions. It always seems out of reach, something fun to imagine, but definitely not reality. However, through some clever tips and tricks, you can make your next event LOOK like a million dollars and still have money left […]

Reasons Why Corporate Events Fail

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The task of organising a corporate event takes an enormous amount of time, costs a ton of money and introduces a plethora of potential pitfalls. Today, I’d like to cover common mistakes companies face when planning a corporate event for the first time. Hopefully, pointing out some of these potential problems can help to alleviate […]

What’s the Deal with Raffles and Lotteries?

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Everyone – event attendees and organisers – loves a good raffle, right? It’s cheap and easy fun for all the family, with none of the risk of the blackjack table. Unfortunately, there are rules in the United Kingdom which govern how such raffles can be run and operated. The effect of the Gambling Act 2005, […]