Stop Obsessing And Start Enjoying Your Event

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When my sister decided to marry in 2009, my mother stopped sleeping. She lay awake worrying whether the mini quiche would still be hot if it was brought out before the wedding party arrived. She frittered over whether the tables would not leave enough space for everyone to dance. And she knew she was the […]

Repeat Customers: Maintaining A Fanbase

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Working hard to pack out a venue for one event is something most promoters can do, but what about repeat customers? Those that run weekly or monthly events may have found their fanbase dwindling due to overlooking some of the simplest tactics. Here’s a handful of tips that will keep your audience satisfied and coming […]

Planning An Event From Afar: Your Must Know And Must Have Items

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If you live in one part of the country and are planning an event in another part or even a different country you know that it’s not as easy as planning at your local convention centre or hotel. So how do you avoid surprises, culture differences and not having your own eyes on everything you […]

Assessing Risk in the Work Place

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Risk is the potential of something undesirable becoming a reality. There are many forms of risk – economic risk, risk to health, security and criminal damage risks – and there are ways to mitigate risk, such as insurance, forward planning, and using good business judgement. In this post we’re going to be looking at the […]

Dealing Tactfully with Bridezilla

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You’ve met with a potential new client, and everything’s gone well: she’s lovely and charming, and you think that you two could work together to create the wedding of her dreams. The contract is signed, things start moving forward, and all of a sudden that lovely lady turns into a shrieking harpy who freaks out […]

Inspired by Colour

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A memorable aspect of any event is the design. Lighting, fabrics, and décor all contribute to the overall look and feel of the space and the common element amongst everything is colour. Below are some tips of how you can incorporate colour in some expected and unexpected places.   1. Walls Now typically, you can’t […]

7 Ways to Manage Twitter Conversations about Your Event

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When you have a big event coming up, a major part of the process is promotion. You’ve spent many hours doing multi-channel promotion and people seem genuinely excited about participating. How can you move beyond traditional modes of event coverage, like earned media, and generate additional buzz about your event? A great way to channel […]

5 Tech Tools To Impress Clients & Investors

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Once you’ve finally secured an investor or client and are ready to begin executing your plan, you will need to assure them that their money is in good hands. After all, making sure that they are confident and secure in your business relationship is essential for ensuring future projects. Here are five useful tools you […]

An Introduction to Health and Safety for Event Managers

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Health and safety can sometimes seem like a load of time-consuming red tape – when you’re busy planning an event, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of proper health and safety planning. From a risk-management perspective, it’s important not to lose sight of health and safety – what’s the point in carefully planning […]

4 Ways to Deal with Dietary Restrictions

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Gluten-free, vegan, kosher, nut-free, and vegetarian diets are among the most common dietary restrictions that encompass our society. Speaking as a vegan, I have left so many weddings, events, and other parties STARVING. Here are a few tips to help you host your next event and make sure all of your guests are happy, full, […]

The Contingency Plan: Make One So You Don’t Need It

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You may be familiar with the old adage, “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong”, and if you hadn’t been aware of it before, you certainly are now. When it comes to event planning, many people choose to err on the side of optimism, assuming that everything will fall into place exactly as […]

4 Tips You Need to Know When Negotiating Your Next Hotel Rooming Block

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Contracts in general can be confusing, but your event hotel rooming block contract can be next to impossible to understand. From attrition, to amenities, to due dates all of these things are important to understand before signing on the dotted line. Hopefully the following tips will make things a little easier when working on your […]