How to Plan a Meeting for Heads of State

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It sounds so glitzy – Heads of States (HOS) jetting in from around the world to talk about the major issues facing nations. From glamorous cocktail parties to intimate board style meetings, any event that includes an HOS has unique needs. You might be thinking you’ll never have to deal with an HOS event, but […]

How to Venture Out and Get Noticed in the Event Industry

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It was a year ago that I was starting to make serious plans for Etch Events. I bought & registered a business name. Purchased the domain (wait I did that in the reverse order…just as a punt) didn’t want to lose my chance of getting .com did I?! Had countless breakfasts, coffees and teas with […]

How to Dress for Your First Client Meeting

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So you are new to the event world and nerves are setting in as you get nearer to meeting your first client. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another; you’ve been so busy putting together and practicing your pitch, it’s the night before and it suddenly dawns on you that you haven’t given […]