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Looking to step out? Go to Down The Local to find out what’s going on! You’ll find everything from Touring Bands to Karaoke. Fine Dining and Live Music to Trivia and Poker Tournaments… Find your nearest Pub TAB or a venue with Kid Space. Any day or night in any town or suburb, there’s always something on .. Down The Local.

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Each of the States and Territories independently assert public holidays (whoo hoo, visit each territory and state to enjoy these) but do follow and succumb to various National Holidays such as the Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day and Agricultural Show day.

Aussies are most proud of Harmony Day which is celebrated around Australia on 21 March, it is a day where all Australians celebrate cultural diversity. Harmony Day is about bringing all communities together to participate and include those who have been marginalised, it is a day when all are reminded to respect each other and when Australians are reminded of their heritage and traditions.

Down The Local is about showing you (among others), shiny modern Brisbane, neurotic yet diverse Sydney and slightly snobbish Melbourne.  I may not be able to show you the gigs and go toos of all 8222 Islands but I can assure you of the quality of those that I do mention.

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