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“Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
— Samuel Johnson
London is a megalopolis with 33 small ‘cities’ within it – a compendium of the World, each has their own governments, schools, centres, suburbs, and sense of identity and is absolutely bristling with a huge variety of events.
Life in all of it’s variety and profusion – All of life is here!
The following aims to serve as a brief guide:
The London borough of Lambeth incorporates some 1,967 streets. Lambeth at its widest point is 10.7 miles by 5.2 miles in length.
Stretching from the South Bank of the Thames to the suburbs of Streatham and Norwood, Lambeth is bursting with exciting attractions. Brixton, one of the borough’s most multi-cultural areas
Its thriving nightlife makes it the heart of London’s urban scene, and it also has the best live venue in London, the Brixton Academy.
Another part of the borough, Kennington, is famous for the Oval Cricket Ground, where county and test cricket matches are played
These 1,967 streets are home to over 2359 featured venues, which include 797 restaurants, 561 shops, 212 attractions, 265 clubs and pubs and 155 leisure venues.


The London borough of Lewisham incorporates some 1,611 streets. Lewisham at its widest point is 8.3 miles by 7.8 miles in length.
Blackheath is Lewisham’s major centre and was once a fashionable suburb for wealthy city merchants between the 17th and 19th centuries. This wealth is still reflected in its attractive architecture, and large houses.
Blackheath has fine restaurants, cosy pubs, stylish shops and an appealing village-like atmosphere. The village heath adjourns Greenwich Park.
Other places of interest within the borough include the Albany fringe theatre, located in Deptford.
These 1,611 streets are home to over 539 featured venues, which include 124 restaurants, 159 shops, 52 attractions, 37 clubs and pubs and 88 leisure venues.


The London borough of Merton incorporates some 1,441 streets. Merton at its widest point is 6.6 miles by 8.6 miles in length.
Merton is home to the legendary Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, held every year for two weeks during June/July.
The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, open throughout the year, provides visitors with views over the Centre Court and films of matches.
These 1,441 streets are home to over 369 featured venues, which include 100 restaurants, 127 shops, 21 attractions, 22 clubs and pubs and 56 leisure venues.


The London borough of Newham incorporates some 1,744 streets. Newham at its widest point is 6.5 miles by 6.8 miles in length.
Newham is in the heart of London’s historic Docklands. With fast rail links to the continent planned for Stratford and London City Airport overlooking the docks, the borough is set to become a hub of the international travel network.
Additional attractions include Abbey Mills Pumping Station – an important example of Victorian industrial architecture – as well as Beckton Dry Ski Slope, Newham City Farm and the internationally acclaimed Theatre Royal Stratford East.
These 1,744 streets are home to over 313 featured venues, which include 57 restaurants, 84 shops, 34 attractions, 12 clubs and pubs and 38 leisure venues.


The London borough of Redbridge incorporates some 1,733 streets. Redbridge at its widest point is 9.1 miles by 9.1 miles in length.
Redbridge is a diverse borough with lush green spaces, sports only seven miles from central London, it has a distinctly countryside feel with ancient Epping Forest falling within its boundaries.
This 6000-acre wood boasts riverside trails, nature conservation areas, a watersports lake, two country parks and a number of other visitor attractions.
Arts and entertainments programmes are wide-ranging, including an annual Redbridge Show, dance and literature festivals, exhibitions and concerts.
These 1,733 streets are home to over 104 featured venues, which include 27 restaurants, 14 shops, 12 attractions, 2 clubs and pubs and 20 leisure venues.


The London borough of Richmond upon Thames incorporates some 1,714 streets. Richmond upon Thames at its widest point is 9.9 miles by 10.7 miles in length.
Home to the rich and famous for centuries, from Henry VIII to Mick Jagger, Richmond-upon-Thames boasts magnificent houses and gardens, many of which stem from the river that forms the heart of this popular enclave.
Home to the world-renowned Hampton Court Palace and maze, the oldest Tudor palace in England, and Kew Gardens, with its 300 acres containing collections of over 40,000 varieties of plants.
Twickenham Stadium and Museum, the home of English rugby, is located within the borough, as well as theatres and art galleries, specialist shopping, and two excellent repertory cinemas.
The finest feature of the borough is Richmond Park, with its herds of red and fallow deer. The most magnificent park in the capital, this expanse offers some of the most attractive countryside in Britain.
These 1,714 streets are home to over 543 featured venues, which include 151 restaurants, 126 shops, 59 attractions, 25 clubs and pubs and 83 leisure venues.


The London borough of Southwark incorporates some 1,979 streets. Southwark at its widest point is 9.6 miles by 5.4 miles in length.
of the capital’s arts and entertainments industry.  London’s first theatres, the Globe, the Hope and The Rose were all built there in the 16th century and Shakespeare’s plays first performed there.
The rebuilt Globe theatre is now one of the best theatres in London, while the neighbouring Tate Modern, housed in the stupendous Bankside Power Station, is among the world’s most popular art galleries.
London’s modern City Hall and the magnificent, gothic Southwark Cathedral, complete a remarkable set of buildings that show five centuries of London’s architectural achievements.
Next to Bankside, the borough takes in the up-and-coming areas of Bermondsey, Camberwell and Peckham.
In the south of the borough lies leafy, suburban Dulwich which forms a welcome contrast to the bustling energy that defines the rest of one of London’s oldest areas.
These 1,979 streets are home to over 1050 featured venues, which include 318 restaurants, 265 shops, 112 attractions, 95 clubs and pubs and 92 leisure venues.


The London borough of Sutton incorporates some 1,541 streets. Sutton at its widest point is 7.7 miles by 8.9 miles in length.
Situated on the southern edge of London, Sutton is an excitingly diverse borough. The park now contains a heritage centre with a display on local history and a number of period rooms.
In addition to historical attractions, Sutton Countryside Walk in the magnificent Oaks Park offers one of many opportunities for relaxation.
These 1,541 streets are home to over 61 featured venues, which include 3 restaurants, 6 shops, 21 attractions, and 12 leisure venues.

Tower Hamlets

The London borough of Tower Hamlets incorporates some 1,525 streets. Tower Hamlets at its widest point is 6.3 miles by 6 miles in length.
Tower Hamlets is the heart of London’s East End and takes its name from the Tower of London, located within the borough’s boundaries. The borough is dominated by the White Tower, built in the eleventh century and home to the crown jewels, royal armouries, yeoman warders and the famous ravens & Beefeaters.
Tower Hamlets has a wealth of street markets including the century-old Sunday Flower Market at Columbia Road.
These 1,525 streets are home to over 1476 featured venues, which include 465 restaurants, 406 shops, 155 attractions, 161 clubs and pubs and 105 leisure venues.

Waltham Forest

The London borough of Waltham Forest incorporates some 1,556 streets. Waltham Forest at its widest point is 10.6 miles by 4.9 miles in length.
The Borough of Waltham Forest lies to the east of central London, with its centre, Walthamstow, located 30 minutes from the city.
Walthamstow Village, is a designated conservation area, where visitors can get a glimpse of the origins of Walthamstow.
These 1,556 streets are home to over 164 featured venues, which include 26 restaurants, 43 shops, 14 attractions, 6 clubs and pubs and 48 leisure venues.


The London borough of Wandsworth incorporates some 1,956 streets. Wandsworth at its widest point is 7.2 miles by 8.7 miles in length.
Wandsworth is a picturesque borough set in the heart of south London on the banks of the Thames. Battersea Power Station‘s towering chimneys dominate the skyline. Battersea Park is the borough’s major area of green space and the scene of an annual free fireworks spectacular.
The park also contains a picturesque boating lake, Buddhist Peace Pagoda and children’s zoo. Wandsworth is also home to the UK’s tallest bungee jump at 300 ft, from Observation Tower, situated in Adrenaline Village.
These 1,956 streets are home to over 1621 featured venues, which include 583 restaurants, 601 shops, 57 attractions, 149 clubs and pubs and 144 leisure venues.

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