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Feed your body right!

We believe that staying alert for a long meeting or conference can be a challenge for any delegate. However, attention and energy levels can be significantly improved by making a few sensible food choices throughout the day.

One of the most important factors to consider is how to keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day without any sudden peaks or troughs.

The early morning buzz after those tempting Danish pastries is inevitably followed by a slump as the body releases a surge of insulin to deal with the sudden rush of sugar.  Instead of pastries, a healthy breakfast can be topped up with slow releasing energy foods as required through the morning.

At lunch time, delegates should actively avoid heavy meals that are high in carbohydrate and high in fat which are associated with the post-lunch dip and the infamous graveyard shift in the early afternoon. Where possible, chose lighter, fresh and freshly prepared foods to provide the essential nutrients for brain function and health.

Finally, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keeping the brain hydrated is absolutely essential for sustained concentration. Don’t just rely on caffeine.

In essence this doesn’t just apply to conferences but to all of us working every day and it wont just help our brains but our waistlines too.

Born and bred in Sydney Rochelle has been a member of the Criterion family for 4 years as Head of Operations where she manages the logistics of events nationally. Rochelle has over a decade of event management experience in the UK, Canada and Australia. In her spare time you can find Rochelle pounding the pavement or doing laps in the pool for Can Too and Cure Cancer Australia Foundation or planning and managing major events in her role as board member for Mosman Rugby Club. For the hottest news, updates and industry content visit criterion blog

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