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Technology is something we rely on daily, yet it can be overwhelming to find the right product to use as an event professional. There are a lot of apps and online services that claim to help save time and increase engagement with attendees.

Therefore today I am going to talk about one company that I think will really help anyone working in the events industry. Say hello to evvnt!

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I would be mightily surprised if you have not heard about evvnt before, but to give you some background this is an online service that will distribute your event to a wide range of event listing sites, including Eventbrite and Qype. It was set-up in 2012 and has grown considerably over the last 2 years.
When they say they are able to save you time they are not making a false claim, think about how long it would take for 1 person to place all the relevant information onto three event listing site. In that same amount of time evvnt will get all that information to a multitude of different sites and then within 24 hours will send you a ROI report!
I personally think evvnt are a great company because of their social media presence. I am a sucker for people and companies who invest time in engaging with their customers via social media and online. Evvnt are always on twitter replying back to questions and comments, and they have a pretty great blog that is worth checking out!
To celebrate their 2nd birthday they sent out mugs & were asking people to tweet back their #MugShot – you can see mine on twitter.
So I think it is fair to say that if you are an event professional & are looking to save some time, go give evvnt a call!
*And NO this post was NOT sponsored! I’m just a big fan of these guys and the service they provide*

Do you have any tech or gadgets that you think will help any event professionals? 

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