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The thing I love in life is creating technology products that actually work” says Richard Green, CEO of evvnt and recent after dinner speaker at Tablecrowd.

Tablecrowd is partly responsible for the recent developments at evvnt – namely the team up of two event tech companies: evvnt and Eventsneaker at one of our dinners back in March.

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Im always impressed by entrepreneurs who do things that go above and beyond the job. So Kate who owns and runs TableCrowd called me up to ask me to sponsor the EventTech Tablecrowd dinner. I just loved her passion and I thought “for that kind of money why not?” So we showed up and were surrounded by people that all had an event passion which was cool – this community of people who were all there for the same reason. Have some food, have a beer and talk about the event space. It was there that I met Mark and Elliot from eventsneaker.

This is what Tablecrowd is all about – networking, learning and creating opportunities.

After a very short space of time we realised we were a better business together” says Richard. He summarises the proposition:

“evvnt is the brawn. We distribute an event and market an event but Eventsneaker is the brain – they take the conversion from the clicks and they track it to a sale. And they’ve done that in a partnership with Eventbrite. It occurred to me if we could bring together the brawn of evvnt and the brain of Eventsneaker we would have the brains and the beauty, which I thought was really interesting. So we went on a journey with them figuring out what it would take for them to come on board.”

‘Lucky’ he calls it…

Table crowd was a chance to meet like-minded people and have lively conversation. Kind of lucky really – without it I wouldn’t have a Head of Technology and a Developer sitting in my company with the passion and love it takes to do a good job. To me that is priceless.

Thanks Lowri and Richard for sharing, we love hearing stories of fruitful collaborations that were sparked at one of our dinners. Keep ‘em coming!

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