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On the 22nd of March 2018, the Evvnt Marketing team visited the B2B Marketing Expo at the ExCeL London. The B2B Marketing Expo is an interactive exhibition and conference that focuses on the B2B in the marketing sector. The conference lasted two days (21-22 March 2018) and was a great opportunity to learn more about the works of the Marketing sector as they were hosting 500 seminars, 700 exhibitors and many panel sessions.

Last week we told you we would write a post about this day. As we got to explore and learn so many new and exciting things we would like to take you through our day at the B2B Marketing Expo at Excel London!

11:00am –  At 11:00am we were ready to start our amazing conference day. After getting lost for a little while, we found that the easiest way to get to the ExCel London is by traveling to the Custom House station for ExCel. From there you will not be able to miss the conference centre from there. This is definitely something that we will keep in mind for next year!

11:15am – Our day at the conference started with walking around the different exhibitors and animations.

12:00am – 17:00pm – The conference also hosted many great speakers to share their marketing expertise and insights with the audience. There were many great speakers and topics to choose from. But this is what we took away from the seminars that we were able to visit

Speaker Daniel Disney, the founder of Daily Sales, was the speaker of our first talk of the day. While Daniel Disney is one of the leading influencers in the sales industry, his talk was also very interesting from a marketing perspective. The subject of his talk was the evolution of selling products and services. In 70’s/80’s, there was only one method to do that: the call selling.

Today, this method is still used but sellers use more and more social media for this work. But why? And with which goal? The answer seems to be very simple: Nowadays, everyone is still connected to their phone or laptop. Which means it’s easier trying sell something through these  If we want to be efficient, it’s really important to provide the right answer at the right moment, at the right place and for the right price. We have to be faster when a customer ask us something because of all the competitors and because of their higher exigence. As we know, with social media, where transfer of data is still faster, our customers expect us to respond to theirs needs as soon as possible or they will just move and choose another company to provide these services. Now, we can talk about “social selling”, which means use social media to sell our products or services. To do that, we have to create great content on our accounts but also start talking with our followers, thanks them for following us and be more present for them. Not just be sellers but be also more “human”, be more helpful than sellers. More, it’s important to promote values of the company, not only our products/services. Our customers can identify themselves though that. As a conclusion, to be more efficient, we have to schedule some posts for our social media channels and be MORE reactive.

Rika digital hosted a seminar called ‘’The Madness of the Modern Marketer. Their seminar explained the different elements that are affecting today’s marketing. A big part of this talk was focussed on the way in which we now use and rely on technology. We are very focussed on instant results, which with the help of today’s technology seems to be constantly available for us. But when does the technology become a distraction? And are we still using it its purpose, or do we only use it because it is available to us?
This session definitely gave us something to think about and reminded us how important it is to work with a purpose and not go with everything just because we are able to.

Our last session of the day was hosted by Kenda Macdonald. This session focussed on the importance of psychology within the marketing branch. This is a part which is frequently forgotten. However, this is one of the fundamentals of marketing. In fact, it’s a way to understand customers and what are their needs are. After that, it’s easier to know how to respond to these needs and adapt our products and services.

One thing to keep in mind: don’t forget your customers are human in the first place, just like you! Before answering their questions and satisfying their needs it is important to ask yourself the following questions: What did you last research on internet and why do you remember this one? How long would you wait for a page to load, before switching to a different page? Some of these simple questions can be very helpful to be more efficient, to anticipate needs and adapt our data. Finally, we know it is getting harder and harder to find new customers. Especially with all the competitors around us. So, our principal goal is to engage customers. And the best way to do that? By listening to their behaviours, looking for the evolution in technology and customer needs. Be focused at the perfect moment! And as D. Disney said: don’t forget to keep contact through great content!

17:00pm – The B2B Marketing Expo 2018 was really interesting and was a great source of inspiration for us. As we got to attend some of the seminars, got to meet other people in the industry and discuss current marketing strategies we are definitely exciting about applying our new knowledge to our upcoming projects.

We are looking forward to coming back next year and attending the B2B Marketing Expo 2019!

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