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We are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer for Evvnt.com who has experience in the events industry and specifically skilled at performance marketing controlled and accountable back to a ROI. Opportunity to build out a department from the bottom up and create a small team who would be responsible for growing users, event submissions and revenue. We have ambitious targets, recently raised funding from three US newspapers and on a PWC accelerator to raise a further $3m, this is great timing for a talented CMO to come in to an early stage technology start up and unleash their experience and expertise to grow brand and drive marketing conversions to our recently built mobile self service checkout.

An ideal candidate would have an industry background working in or around the Conference, Exhibition or Trade show marketing space, someone who understands our target market and at the same time can drive learnings around effective marketing of events in to our core business message which is to be opened up to the 65 million local events ineffectively marketed each year.

Your role is more than CMO, it’s a brand and thought leader for the global events marketing industry bringing your wealth of knowledge and experience in making events successful for your former companies to bring that expertise to Evvnts technology stack in the form of product, service and education to drive our mission of being the ‘best place to market an event online.


  • Put together a multi channel marketing strategy for Evvnt.com to drive customers in to the app and grow multi-million dollar revenues.
  • Strong understanding of how to build marketing campaigns that track back to conversion and report back on your success to the leadership team
  • Competent at developing marketing campaigns both in the UK and US markets based on target segments including locations such as London or New York to Industries such as Conference.
  • Drive users in to the new Evvnt.com or partner calendars where they can submit an event and buy premium event marketings services.
  • Manage the ‘voice’ of Evvnt and work with technology on the tone, voice and full customer journey from website, to platform including education and email marketing insights that form part of the user experience.


  • Head up Evvnt.com global marketing strategy.
  • Report directly to the CEO
  • Working with third party agencies to build a revenue generating growth strategy for Evvnt
  • Manage the website, blog, social and outbound marketing activities.
  • Manage the email communications linked to the platform / triggers to activities from the platform
  • Build an annal event for our customers, partners and potential news customers & partners in the UK & US
  • Manage your strategy around the business plan and work to the companies budget.


  • In-house marketing campaign to A/B test concepts, industries, cities and channels.
  • Managing an external agency to drive multi discipline / channel digital marketing.
  • Tag and Track all marketing activities.
  • Monitor customer work flows through checkout and advise on how to improve workflows and conversions to sale.
  • $1 spend to $2 revenue


  • Working with PR agencies in the UK and US to manage strategic PR in to mainstream press, industry specific and news and publishing press.
    • Trade Press – US Newaspapers
    • Industry Press – Conference & Exhibition
    • Consumer – UK News / General interest ‘Events make for a healthier living’
  • Increase the brand awareness of Evvnt via trade and consumer press.


  • Managing a departmental budget of $250k to $1m
  • Build out a small team in London / US and third party contractors
  • Interact with sales teams, partnerships and the technology department.
  • Form part of the UK Management Team


  • WordPress – Website & Blog
  • Google Analytics – Accountability and reporting
  • Marketing Platforms (Facebook / LinkedIn / Google) – Ad Spend
  • Salesforce – CRM
  • FullStory – Tracks user experience
  • Mixpanel – Tracks activities & Triggers emails


  • Base salary + performance commission
  • Equity – Employee Share Scheme


Introduction To Evvnt 2018 from Richard Green on Vimeo.

Evvnt is a technology company based in the heart of Soho, Central London operating in over 139 countries worldwide

Evvnt have created a unique and powerful Event Promotion Platform (EPP), that helps event organisers around the world to upload their event details once, and have those details propagated out to 1000’s of relevant publications locally and globally, thereby helping them grow their attendee count cost effectively. Solving the problems of time, knowledge and available resource,

Evvnt submit & publish events to a wide network of event listing, news, magazine and radio sites, targeting them by an event’s category & location. Through Evvnt’s EPP platform, event organisers submit events and monitor their distribution across Evvnt’s extensive network of publications. Users gain a greater audience reach – shown in event impressions and click traffic – usually directed towards ticketing pages.

Learn more at www.evvnt.com

  • Company News – https://evvnt.com/blog/category/company/news/
  • Press -https://evvnt.com/blog/category/press-release/
  • Investor portal – www.evvnt.media

Apply to jobs@evvnt.com

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