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Mobile marketing for events offers a way to get your event details directly to your potential attendees while they’re on the go. Some event organisers may be hesitant to use mobile promotions, either due to privacy concerns or the potential cost of trying this new marketing channel. But if you’re speaking to the right people, not only can you overcome both of these concerns but you might just see an increase in the number of people at your event.

The best way to use mobile marketing, and overcome both privacy and cost challenges is to build a separate database of contacts that have specifically opted in to receive mobile promotions. Not only will these contacts be expecting text messages, but they will also be more likely to respond and either buy tickets or show up at your event. We have a few tips for building a contact database for your event’s mobile marketing and promotions.

Be clear with your marketing intentions and privacy policy
Before collecting any data, you should clearly state how customer data will be used, how many mobile messages you intend to send and what kind of messages you’ll be sending (such as event reminders, offers or post-event information). You should also explain to customers that they will always be able to opt out of future communications by texting STOP back to your number.

Start with text-in campaigns
Some people might consider an unsolicited SMS from a brand, even a great event brand, invasive or disconcerting. So even if you have the mobile numbers of many of your existing contacts, if you’ve never texted them before, invite them to take part in a text-in campaign. Promote a text-in short code in your emails, event listings and on your website and add the people who respond to your dedicated mobile marketing list.

Offer an incentive
Combine your text-in campaign with an incentive, such as discounted entry or a free drink, to encourage people to provide their details. If you don’t have the ability to run a text-in campaign, you can also use an incentive and a standard web form to collect phone numbers online, and then text everyone who responds with the offer code or discount promised.

Collect business cards at your event
Provide a bowl where attendees can leave their business card at your event in order to receive mobile updates and offers in the future. If you have the resources, consider texting a drinks offer or other prize to people shortly after they leave their cards in order to encourage other attendees who may not have left a card behind to provide their details.

Mobile marketing can be an important part of your event marketing strategy but it’s most effective when you’re sending mobile promotions to a relevant database. Let us know what other ideas you’ve had for collecting mobile numbers from your event attendees!

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