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One of the neat features that we offer publishers who have an online events calendar on their website is the ability to transform that easily into a print page. The information in your calendar is used to create a unique and up-to-date listings page. You can then easily drop it into your newspaper or magazine.

You can find out more about event calendars and what they offer you here.

The print option is a big draw for event promoters
One thing we’ve found at Evvnt is that promoters just love to get their events seen in print. Whether that’s in the local newspaper, listings magazine or what’s on guide, print is important. So that’s what we can do for publishers: take the online content and use it to create pages for print.

To give you a flavour of what the online events calendars look like for print, see below. (Or you can view the whole image here.) It draws on the events data on this events calendar: www.mynorcalevents.com

print option for event promoters

How to turn your online events calendar into a print page:

1) Install and promote and monetize your online events calendar. You can find out how to do that here.

2) Then make sure you populate and promote your calendar so that it includes lots of local events. This rich content is just what readers love.

3) Sign up to have your online events calendar exported into a pre-deigned print format. You can find out what to do and what you will need here.

4) Do it again! You can make an up-to-date listings page part of your regular appeal. Whether it’s daily, monthly or weekly, your publication can benefit.

And don’t forget, the more event promoters an organisers that use your online events calender to pay for promotion, the more money you can make. Find out all about the possible revenues you could be making as a hub for what’s going on in your locality or industry.

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