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If you are looking for a sales and key account role within a global digital events media company then look no further as we are hiring post pandemic for an individual to join our London team to work on rebuilding our key accounts department. As you will appreciate, the pandemic destroyed the events industry but it’s a very resilient industry and we are keen to reconnect with 500+ key accounts who used our service and spend $1m+ on events, conference, exhibition and trade show events advertising.

This role comes with career progression built in

Sales Executives – £27k to £35k – You will start here and re-activate key accounts, build back relationships or start new ones with customers we know and who trust us, your primary task will be to schedule account reactivation demos for the Business Development sales team. You will be actively be researching the Evvnt App and Salesforce to build an account profile, call and speak to the CMO, Marketing Director and Marketing executive to schedule demo of our new services.

Business Development Sales – £30k to £40k+ – As you become more confident within your role, we’d like to see you not only pre the account and schedule a demo, but actually deliver a service demonstration and book advertising revenues against a target. Your base salary will be representative of the target set. $10k Target up to $30k target per month – 10% uncapped commission payable. 

What we are looking for… Smart, enthusiastic, commercially driven individual who wishes to develop themselves within a sales and business development environment. We have a small but growing team of experienced sales executives and managers willing to develop you from scratch in the art of sales at a global level.

Location: You will be required to come in to central london to WeWork Liverpool Street Monday to Thursday then work from home Fridays.

Expectations: We don’t manage your time, we simply focus on business KPI’s such as No of calls, call time, key accounts contacted, demo’s secured and lastly departmental revenue targets achieved. You manage your location and time respectfully within our team structure and ensure we meet our goals and targets.

  • 30 to 50 calls per day – Enterprise Sales
  • 1 to 3 demos scheduled for the business development team daily.
  • Support the departmental $100k in sales revenue per month

Sales Experience

  • Interest in direct sales experience.
  • Passionate about speaking to people and negotiating deals.
  • Skilled at understanding and executing a sales process.
  • Comfortable and excited with the prospect of talking to C-suite clients.
  • Natural phone manner with the ability to listen.
  • Strong work ethic and works to target and not to time.
  • Great attitude with the ability to work alone and as part of a team.
  • Work as part of a multi-functional and talented team with excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Used to working in a fast paced and dynamic working environment.


  • What we are offering… A competitive salary with the opportunity to progress from initial call out to demo scheduling to you calling, scheduling your own demos and closing business uncapped commission scheme.
  • 25k to 35k : TBD+ dependent on experience

Apply Today

This is a real opportunity for a candidate who wishes to invest in his/her full development in a new and growing company with lots of potential for career development.

Term – Full Time

Who we are

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Evvnt: Event Ticketing Promotion Platform (ETPP)

Evvnt is a leading technology company based in the USA, operating globally in over 139 countries. We have developed a unique and powerful Event Ticketing Promotion Platform (ETPP) that revolutionizes the way event organizers ticket their events and access integrated marketing channels for effective promotion.

Our ETPP addresses the common challenges faced by event organizers, including limited time, knowledge, and resources. With Evvnt, event organizers can easily ticket their events and leverage our platform’s integrated marketing tools to reach consumers effortlessly, driving higher attendance rates in a cost-effective manner.

At the core of our solution is an integrated events marketing system that connects ticketed events to a wide network of marketing channels. This includes event listing websites, news platforms, magazines, and radio sites, all targeted based on the event’s category and location. By utilizing our ETPP platform, event organizers can submit their events and monitor their distribution across our extensive network of publications.

The benefit to users is a significantly expanded audience reach, surpassing what other services on the market can offer. Our platform generates event impressions and click traffic, driving ticket sales and attracting a larger consumer audience. With Evvnt, event organizers can effectively promote their events, increase their visibility, and ultimately boost their attendance numbers.

We pride ourselves on providing event organizers with a comprehensive solution that streamlines the ticketing process and empowers them to reach a wider audience. Evvnt’s Event Ticketing Promotion Platform is the go-to choice for event organizers looking to maximize their event’s success through effective marketing and ticketing strategies.

Learn more at www.evvnt.com


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