Case Study – 20:20 Digital Marketing Summit

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20:20 Digital Marketing Summit explored the biggest challenges marketers face today, including mobile, social media, personalisation, big data and content marketing, the 20:20 Digital Marketing Summit gives you the inspiration to spice up your marketing strategy. An event with an innovation–focussed audience and to enable attendees get that all-important edge over your competitors. With talks from executive […]

Case Study – World Mail and Express Asia Pacific 2015

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The 2015 World Mail & Express Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition, hosted by PHLPost, was a 2-day conference with an agenda that delved in detail into the challenges faced by senior level speakers from posts and parcel operators across the region addressing the e-commerce boom and looking at whether they are utilising technology to create […]


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Oil & Gas Future Logistics 2015 will arm logistics leaders with the tools required to generate a positive step change in logistics performance, deliver rapid return on investment and enhance efficiency through operational excellence. Given the immense expectations on cost efficiency, logistics leaders face an unprecedented challenge to significantly and quickly drive down costs without […]

Case Study – European Paper Week 2015

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European Paper Week is organised by the Confederation of European Paper Industries(CEPI). It covers the topics that matter most to today’s pulp and paper industry so that participants leave the event fully updated on the industry’s latest developments. Following the latest trends in Brussels, this year’s theme is Paper Industry 4.0. We will look at […]

Case Study – UOG 2015 Israel's 2nd Annual International Oil & Gas Conference

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UOG 2015 Israel’s 2nd Annual International Oil & Gas Conference : Over 35 Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) of natural gas has been discovered offshore in the last 6 years in Israel, with production starting in 2013, showcasing the country’s huge energy potential. Further oil and gas E&P opportunities offshore and onshore means Israel could become a […]

Case Study – 2016 International Surgical Pathology Symposium

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The 21st International Surgical Pathology Symposium addresses unique challenges and problems encountered in today’s practice. Participants will simultaneously review case histories, examine images by virtual microscopy, and formulate diagnoses. The unique subtleties and differentiating characteristics of each diagnosis will then be highlighted. Participants will also discuss the patient management strategy used in each case. Mayo […]