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Case Study – Pryzm Grand Opening: featuring Zane Lowe!

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Oceana Brighton’s breathtaking £7 million entertainment venue has seven themed rooms, and two VIP suites to choose from, all under one roof. The venue is ideally located in the centre of Brighton with excellent parking facilities nearby. Pryzm, Brighton were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, a new […]

Case Study – Waste to Photo – Photography competition 2015

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Photography is a powerful means of communication, of visual expression, as well as an extraordinary form of art available to all and capable of evoking emotions, portraying social transformations, denouncing serious situations or acting as a testimony to important changes. This year the Organising Committee of Sardinia 2015 has opted to launch a new initiative, “Waste […]

Case Study – Drive-in Film Club

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The iconic north London Alexandra Palace venue offers everything you need for an extraordinary event or great day out with the benefit of some of the best panoramic views of London. Alexandra Palace were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, a new audience reach and event marketing momentum that ‘pings’ […]

Case Study – SASEC 2015 : 3RD Southern African Solar Energy Conference

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The Inside Edge’s members come from diverse fields such as education, psychology, health care, real estate, publishing, art, music, investment, marketing, law, technology, science, biology, chemistry, medicine, research, counseling, business who meet every other week for learning and fun. Prof Josua Meyer, University of Pretoria were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a […]

Case Study – The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort LIVE IN LONDON

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Success Resources exist to support individuals, enterprises and organizations through educational programs around the world, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands from more than 35 countries. They continue to help them live, learn and succeed not solely for their personal fulfillment but sharing their experiences to grow future generations. This is the learning culture we […]

Case Study – 8th International Conference Automotive Doors and Components

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Automotive doors are important nginlements of the vehicle design, carry multiple functions, require unique construction and production methods. They pose unique challenges regarding their development, production and assembly, involving specific CAE techniques, material, production and assembly processes. IQPC Germany were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, a new […]