Changes to the evvnt app September & October

Blog/Product Updates

Over September and October we’ve made some significant changes to the evvnt product that we’d love to share with you. “Although a great deal of this has been implemented at the staff side ‘back-end’, including superior account management features that allow us to handle customer packages, payments and billing from one centralised place, we’re also proud to share with […]

The future of Digital Marketing


By Sebastian Dreyfus The future of Digital Marketing We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way consumers interact with the outside world – we are all connected to each other not only by traditional forms of media but also devices, campaigns, social networks, aggregators, search engines, games, governments and business networks. We […]

Event Spotlight: Q & A with Eventbranche's Askin Ozay


Eventbranche are the leaders in the Netherlands business event industry. Their inaugural December congress – DVHE – offers insights and exploration in the fields of event marketing, networking, knowledge and demand.

Get the most out of your seminar & empower audiences


So you’ve organised a seminar. The venue is amazing, the tickets have sold out. You have ticked off your high-level checklist. You’ve pulled together the key players in your field and you really want to make sure they get the very best out of the event. How do you ensure that your audience take away […]

Delegate your way to success


When event planning I meet a lot of other event planners. Some are key partners in my events, responsible for their own areas and some are those people we come across every day in the event industry (always saving cards, details, faces in case we ever need them!)…

The Event Technology Awards use evvnt marketing


evvnt provides a tech solution to the problem of event promotion and marketing. Like all successful innovations, reinvention and revolution is at its heart. evvnt reinvents the way event organisers find new customers and access existing contacts – streamlining and time-saving in the process. Saving money naturally follows. evvnt consolidates data and provides visible, trackable […]