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Top 5 tips to writing the perfect event listing

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Writing an event listing can be a tricky art to master. We decided to share our knowledge and take you through our best 5 tips for creating listings that are going to engage your readers and, ultimately, get more people through the doors.

Top 5 tips on promoting events using Internet

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1. Twitter Social media offers a world of opportunity for event marketing, and Twitter is currently at the heart of social success. As Twitter grows exponentially, it can be used to reach a large audience in almost any professional sphere. To reach a relevant audience, find and utilise hashtags related to your event, so that you […]

The ‘hub’ of services VS the Specialist

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We get asked a lot how we compare to multi-function software platforms (hubs) and if we ever plan on offering email, SMS or social functions. The answer is NO. If you are going to do something, do it well and stay focused on your product. By looking at the market leaders we can see that they […]