How to market your event with Facebook

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Harnessing the power of social media is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz for your event, it’s free and it can give you that extra bit of exposure you may be looking for. Facebook is of course a massive part of today’s social media industry and along with Twitter it is probably […]

Using our Discovery Plugin

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How our Discovery Plugin works… Along with the launch of the new evvnt platform comes a brand new discovery plugin feature to add to your event promotion. It gives you the ability to embed your calendar directly onto your website or blog, just by simply dropping the code block onto our page and voila the […]

How to use tracking links

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How to use tracking links Tracking links are used through attaching a unique digital tracking code to a link on your website, this code then tracks the user activity for that specific link and stores the information separately. The appearance of tracking links is almost like that of normal ones, just that at the end […]

The Definitive Guide on How To Market an Event – 100 Event Marketing Tips

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  1. The Event Page (Or Website) Description – The very first job is to create a destination page where all marketing activities point to, imagine it – every single click lands here, it has to be amazing, get this right and conversions to attendance will be stronger. 2.      Title 3.      Description 4.   […]