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The Best Ways to Promote Events on Facebook

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing/Social

We’ve crowd-sourced some great suggestions from our LinkedIn Group and received good tips on which are the best ways to promote events on Facebook.

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How to Promote Your Events While You Are On A Budget

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

In this blog post Evvnt is looking at some of the ways that can help you to promote events on a budget.

How to attract sponsors to your event


Let me spare you making the same mistake I did when I was new to the event industry. I was full of ideas, I was full of enthusiasm, I was full of confidence – in short, I was full of it! My first attempt to attract sponsorship to an event was a constant battle and I couldn’t understand why. The event was a great event, visitors had a great experience and I was (in my own, not-so-humble opinion) a great salesman.