Promoting Bands and Gigs on Twitter

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing/Live Music/Social

This is a post from our Inside Twitter series that aims to cover everything you could ever want to know about Twitter. This week we look at how to promote music on Twitter.

How to increase the number of Likes on your event Facebook page

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing/Social

As soon as someone ‘Likes’ your event’s Facebook page, your posts and page activity will show up on their news feed so there are more opportunities to engage with them. So the more ‘Likes’ on your event’s Facebook page, the better! But what can you do to help increase the number of ‘Likes’ that your event is getting?

Marketing Tips for Clubbing Promoters – before the event

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing/Event Listings/Nightlife

What’s really changed in clubbing promotion over the last few years? Depending on who you ask, it’s everything or nothing. Here are our pre-event marketing tips for clubbing promoters.

How to Create a Targeted Email Campaign

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing/Email

Here’s our guide to creating a targeted email campaign for your business and an explanation of the benefits

How to Build a Mobile Marketing Database for Your Events

Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

Mobile marketing for events offers a way to get your event details directly to your potential attendees while they’re on the go.