Case Study – SpineWeek 2016

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SpineWeek 2016 was a conference held in Singapore from the 16th-20th May and a joint meeting of 16 International Spine Societies. It represented a unique opportunity to gather insight into the spine industry, since all relevant spine societies were present and shared their expertise. Being able to pick your sessions enabled you go from basic […]

Case Study – The 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth

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The 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth (N&G 2016) in Vienna, provided a unique platform for discussing the interplay between nutrition and growth in children. Bringing together international experts and specialists to facilitate and foster interdisciplinary and international collaborations. The conference represented the ideal opportunity for paediatricians, endocrinologists, neonatologists, dieticians and nutritionists as well as all those […]

The guide to Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin events listing site

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The Hospital & Healthcare Bulletin for all the news. Published quarterly the Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin is an independent peer-reviewed voice for the hospital, health and aged care professional containing regular features on major projects, healthcare disciplines, e-health, Government updates, news, conferences and events. The Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin is complemented by the […]

The guide to AAD events listing site

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AAD or American Academy of Dermatology: the largest, most influential group of dermatologists in the US. Offers tips on keeping skin, hair and nails healthy. It is a high quality informative website, which offers its readers everything they need to know about their locality. The focus is very on trend, featuring places to eat, drink and […]

The guide to Better Health events listing site

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Better Health. The Race Equality Foundation’s rapidly expanding collection of free-to-view briefing papers, resources and weblinks can help staff to tackle discrimination and disadvantage and embed the promotion of race equality into their everyday work.  While there has been progress in the equalities agenda over the last decade, there is evidence to suggest that inequalities […]