5 Simple Social Media Tips

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Make your network work for you with 5 simple social media tips… It’s interesting that in such a ubiquitously digital world, many people are still sceptical or scared of using social media. To remove some of the fear, and make social marketing a little easier to comprehend, here are 5 simple social marketing tips that anyone […]

Events Marketing with Social Media


Do you want to harness the power of social media to promote your next event? Leveraging everything that social networks have to offer is a fantastic way to boost momentum and awareness by looping-in influencers, attendees and other organisers. And the best part? Social media is completely free!  Get started… Create pages on Facebook, LinkedIn […]

How to get connected with Mobile Marketing

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What is mobile? When we talk about mobile, we mean tablets and smart phones, but the dusty old Nokia you’ve got in a draw somewhere counts as well. What is mobile marketing? Increasingly we do everything with a mobile device, so… Mobile = Social. What do we mean by that? The action of writing a tweet, […]

Using Twitter for Twitter Events Marketing – Promote Your Events

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Twitter offers an excellent opportunity to promote your event before, during and after it has happened and recent event marketing research has shown that 60% of all Social Media communication takes place events are actually going on.

How To Start Marketing With Pinterest

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Why? Simply – Increased visibility and potential to make sales. How you do know if it works?  Well, it comes with a free analytics tool right out of the box so you can start measuring the results from day 1. What should I pin?  Most people start with a personal profile rather than for their business or […]