Events Marketing with Social Media


Do you want to harness the power of social media to promote your next event? Leveraging everything that social networks have to offer is a fantastic way to boost momentum and awareness by looping-in influencers, attendees and other organisers. And the best part? Social media is completely free!  Get started… Create pages on Facebook, LinkedIn […]

The Definitive Guide on How To Market an Event – 100 Event Marketing Tips

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  1. The Event Page (Or Website) Description – The very first job is to create a destination page where all marketing activities point to, imagine it – every single click lands here, it has to be amazing, get this right and conversions to attendance will be stronger. 2.      Title 3.      Description 4.   […]

The power of Instagram for marketing brands and events

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Instagram allows you to present your brand through visual story telling, enabling you to bring your story to life and visualize your brand ethos while connecting to your community and beyond. The key to creating a successful Instagram page for your brand or event is to engage your audience rather than sell a product or […]

How to market your events on Pinterest

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Pinterest, the powerhouse social network where 100 million active users share content, links and products illustrated by attractive visuals, has fast become one of the most popular social media channels. Recent reports indicate that Pinterest is sending more referral traffic to websites than Yahoo! search, LinkedIn, Google + or Youtube. As with any popular social […]

The guide to iBusiness events listing site

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Ibusinness will gladly advise you on the most effective solutions to meet your ongoing communication objectives. iBusiness is best suited to support your business in three main areas: Pitch Marketing, Branding and Lead Generation. Online and e-mail media, as well as event, topic or keyword sponsoring are highly suitable for this purpose. Coverage: National Unique users: 907,410 per […]