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We have been working with Netguru for over 2 years now and we started with an Indian offshore team (Nightmare), we moved to in-house which was expensive and hard to recruit the talent pool based on our tight start-up budgets and after much hesitation moved to Netguru. The fear of moving your tech stack to an […]

Case Study – Residual Stress – Measurement, Temperature and Performance

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Residual Stress – Measurement, Temperature and Performance conference was held in London, showcasing a variety of situations, industries and materials that residual stress can occur in. Focusing on the latest techniques for the prediction, assessment and mitigation of residual stress, it was a must for everyone affiliated with mechanical or technical engineering. The delegates of the […]

The guide to Arabian Industry events listing site

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Arabian Industry is the new trade portal for the Middle East including Free Tenders, Market Data, Construction, Hospitality, Technology, Comms, Oil & Gas, Travel, Utilities, Supply Chain, Aviation, Broadcast, Markets, and Petrochemicals. It is a high quality informative website, which offers its readers everything they need to know about their locality. The focus is very on […]

The guide to Green Pages events listing site

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The Green Pages Directory for Environmental Technology is an online information resource that lists international businesses and organisations that supply products and services which can remedy environmental problems. His free and self-supporting service connects consumers with 7000 suppliers from around 150 countries, presenting a forum to explore clean and sustainable technologies, to share knowledge and experience, and […]

The guide to iBusiness events listing site

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Ibusinness will gladly advise you on the most effective solutions to meet your ongoing communication objectives. iBusiness is best suited to support your business in three main areas: Pitch Marketing, Branding and Lead Generation. Online and e-mail media, as well as event, topic or keyword sponsoring are highly suitable for this purpose. Coverage: National Unique users: 907,410 per […]