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Hyundai Accent 3D Projection Mapping

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Interesting way to showcase a car – certainly beats a Powerpoint presentation…

Using Time Wisely

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I know that it’s a little early to be planning New Year’s Eve, but I saw this on another blog (Group Think Event Blog) and really liked it. Like New Year’s Eve, if time plays a crucial role in the evening, why not make time a focal point of the event and incorporate it into […]

Update: The death of the DJ (Part Two) – using Spotify at events

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After noticing the type of search terms that have brought googlers to my last post about Spotify (using Spotify at events), I’ve decided to investigate this area a little further and hope this clears up any confusion – because I must admit after looking at their website, I was still a little confused! So I emailed Spotify to find out, […]

Request A Song…

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I think a nice touch to a party, is to ask guests to request a song on the RSVP section of the invitation…

The death of the DJ – using Spotify at events

event ideas/music at events/parties

Music is an essential ingredient to a good party, and if you’re trying to cut costs or can’t face a whole night listening to a cheesy disco DJ, for smaller parties I recommend Spotify. It’s the renaissance of the traditional pub jukebox. Using Spotify at an event will allow guests to search for songs they […]