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The Event Manager’s ‘Survival Kit’ Checklist

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Through my job I’ve come across loads of Event Managers on events and I’m always intrigued (and surprised) by the random objects they pull out of nowhere that can literally save the day – a bit like Mary Poppins and her bottomless handbag! When something goes wrong, I’ve noticed how experienced Event Managers will just […]

Measuring & evaluating the success of events

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That which can be measured can be improved, and in event planning and management, measurement is critical for evaluating an event’s success and for creating actions to improve future events. Professional Event Organsiers can measure all kinds of data about their event – from beginning to end, as long as this is incorporated into the […]

Meet Podio

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If you’re looking for an online tool that can help with the planning and management of events – this is it! If you haven’t heard of Podio, check this out… Podio is an incredible online platform that collects, stores and manages information, the way you choose. In the right hands, this will transform the way […]

Idea Generation Using Mindmeister

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Mindmeister is a favourite tool of mine – I love using it! If honest, I could probably manage without it, but it’s so simple to use and allows you to get carried away with the important parts of brainstorming, such as generating ideas rather than wasting time formatting text, creating complex structures or worrying about […]

Event Maps

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communitywalk.com is an online tool that makes my life easier! I’m sure there are loads of other online mapping tools, but I find community walk, easy to use, reliable and unbelievably useful – plus it’s free! I use it to create event maps, and have been using it, at least once a week, over the […]

New! The Event Calendar for Event Planners

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If you organise events check out my calendar of events and special dates. Whatever type of event(s) you organise this should help! Please note that it’s only new and has a while to go before most major UK events and dates for the whole year are in – but it’s getting there and If I’m […]