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Pitching for events

Pitching For Events: 5 Tactics To Enhance Your Next Pitch

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Each day, the event industry becomes more competitive – in fact we are drowning in event companies, so an essential attribute of an event organiser is the ability to SELL your idea over others. Here, then, are five simple tactics to enhance your next pitch and give your ideas the best chance to win you […]

launching a startup

Launching A Startup In The Events Industry – Hire Space

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The Problem: As someone who has spent many an hour calling venue after venue to find a suitable place for a birthday party, an office drinks reception or a campaign meeting, I’ve long been aware of the need to simplify the process and make the lives of industry professionals and frustrated one-off event organisers that […]

Naming Your Event Company – What’s In A Name?

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Choosing any kind of name is always a bit daunting, isn’t it? If you’re naming a child, you’ll look for a name that you think will suit its personality, and (hopefully) be on the lower end of fueling taunts and beatings in the schoolyard. The same applies when you’re naming your business: you’ll want something […]

Event Startup Launch

How We Launched Our Event Startup –

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The Problem When helping to organise a friends Wedding, the now CTO of Eventstagram was tasked with finding a way to store and display wedding photos during the party. The immediate thoughts were that Instagram must be the best way to share photos at an event, but after an extensive search we found there were […]

How to Venture Out and Get Noticed in the Event Industry

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It was a year ago that I was starting to make serious plans for Etch Events. I bought & registered a business name. Purchased the domain (wait I did that in the reverse order…just as a punt) didn’t want to lose my chance of getting .com did I?! Had countless breakfasts, coffees and teas with […]

Why You’re Just Another Event Company (And What to Do About It)

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You’ve picked a company name and an event planning style you wish to focus on: that’s great! Congratulations. Now you’re probably starting to think about all the collateral that will be needed to promote yourself and your new business. You’ll need a website and business cards at the very least, and you might need flyers […]

Frustration of Contract and Force Majeure

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Although we’d like to hope that every person who we ever make an agreement with will keep their promise, we believe it’s wishful thinking and the law recognizes this. There are some instances under English contract law where a breach of contract will be excused – in part or wholly – depending on the circumstances. […]

Creating a Brand Identity, Not Just a Logo for your Event Company

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When you’re creating the collateral for either your business or a specific event, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the visual impact your branding will make. You’ll (hopefully) spend hours choosing the right font for the occasion (or enlist the help of a designer to do so), you’ll ensure that […]

5 Tech Tools To Impress Clients & Investors

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Once you’ve finally secured an investor or client and are ready to begin executing your plan, you will need to assure them that their money is in good hands. After all, making sure that they are confident and secure in your business relationship is essential for ensuring future projects. Here are five useful tools you […]

An Introduction to Health and Safety for Event Managers

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Health and safety can sometimes seem like a load of time-consuming red tape – when you’re busy planning an event, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of proper health and safety planning. From a risk-management perspective, it’s important not to lose sight of health and safety – what’s the point in carefully planning […]

ISO20121: Sustainable Event Management

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Last week the British Standard (BS8901) for sustainable event management was introduced as a series of protocols designed to address the specific sustainability issues presented by the events industry. With the objective of making event organisers aware of the environmental, social and economic issues that their events propose, the British Standard was designed to give […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence…Right Now

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Many of us want our online presence to reflect the person we are offline. But with such little time available and so many options out there – it’s difficult to know where to start, where to focus and it is super easy to waste time. Today, I want to share a couple of simple ways […]