Create new sales opportunities with a ‘ticketing first’ sales approach


Welcome to our ‘Ticketing First, Inclusive Marketing’ sales approach which differentiates you from your competitors. Select your first lead in your local market and contact them for your first sale.

So who is your first lead? it’s an account, contact, venue or local event promoter you know well in your market who sells tickets already…

  • Event Creator Profile: Time poor, using a ticketing company who offers no marketing or personal service, worried about how to fill their event.
  • Publisher Profile (You): You already have a relationship, you now offer ticketing, inclusive marketing and have access to the local community digitally and via print or radio or broadcasting to ensure it’s a sell out event – every ticket sold builds a consumer database we reuse to sell out the next ticketed event locally. You care, you have the consumer audience and we supply an end to end solution which is better than ticketing alone.

‘Ticketing First, Inclusive Marketing’ Sales Approach

  • Step 1: Invite your event creator advertiser base to use your ticketing with inclusive local marketing’ services over other ticketing only services.
  • Step 2: Up sell your clients to premium event marketing services throughout the timeline of the event to ensure success and a sold out event – See our Success Checklist
  • Step 3: Apply that personal touch and use the proven success of marketing to ticket sales to rebook and sell the next event with ease.

Next Steps,  contact your first lead and offer them ticketing with inclusive marketing, once signed – Upsell them to premium event marketing services to drive home the events success.

Once your first customer feels success, share the news in your local market.



We service the largest network of local publishers to sell ticketing and marketing to their customers in local markets across the USA.

News publishing brands such as Gannett (USA Today), Adams Publishing Group, Hartman Newspapers Inc, Boone Newspapers, Media News Group, WEHCO Media, BH Newspapers, Lee Enterprises, Southern Community News Group and hundreds more…   


Our Network Partners supply an end to end service of ticketing, marketing and event discovery to local event creator looking to fill an event.



Zero to Sales HERO! Instant Sales Success from your First Lead

 S A L E S  S U C C E S S 




Create an integrated events platform that makes you THE place for event discovery in your market helping you reach a new and engaged audience



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Events Calendar

Attract new customers with things to do in your community with the worlds leading events discovery technology platform. More…

Sales CRM

We convert your event submissions into highly qualified sales leads for you to upsell to ticketing and marketing services. More…


Total event management experience adding ticket sales, marketing, box office management and reserved seating all in one! More…


Fully automated reverse published events calendars in print connected to your online checkout and ticketing. More…


All your ticketed events on a publisher branded mobile app in the App store available to your customers locally.

Everything you need to Know to use our Sales CRM

Check out our sales CRM support portal where you will find everything you need to access your leads, process orders and generate revenvue.

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Our Awesome Customers


“Evvnt was competing with 3 other ticketing companies to provide City Pages with a solution for a full-service white label ticketing platform. Evvnt won our business for three main reasons:

1) Optimal Communication: Constant updates, trainings, and advice is being dispensed our way to make our platform stronger every day.

2) Sales and Marketing Leadership: The Evvnt Ticketing team knows what they are doing when it comes to marketing, prospecting, meeting, and closing out sales opportunities.

3) Brand Representation: Evvnt Ticketing quickly learned who we were and represented our City Pages brand in a very respectable and honest way in our market which has helped enhance our brand.

For a partner with optimal communication, sales leadership, and trustworthy brand representation, I recommend choosing Evvnt.”

Mary Erikson

CityPagesTix, City Pages

“Quickly after introducing Evvnt Ticketing in our pilot market, it was clear that it was the right platform for larger-scale adoption. Since then, we have rolled the platform out in a number of our media markets throughout the northwest to positive results. The platform has enabled our teams to partner with a variety of community organizations and promoters to provide very effective ticketing services, competitive service fee pricing along with the confidence of local support.”

Eric Johnston

President, Western Division, MyIdahoTix, RuckusTix, Adams Publishing Group

“As with most newspapers across the country, we have been searching for new avenues to generate revenue. With advertisers spending less, Evvnt Ticketing offers the perfect solution to generate revenue by utilizing our biggest asset and offering it to new revenue-generating clients at no cost: our audience. Our audience looks to us for our coverage on events: we write about them, promote them and sell ads to promote them; why not sell tickets for them?

Shannon Markley

MyAlaskaTix, Anchorage Daily News


Try it for yourself now and see what we can do for your business.

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