Imagine a world where one company had focused 8 years and $5m resource on building the very best events calendars for you to use and give to your customers for free – meet Evvnt

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Choose from 3 plans which combine our world class revenue generating events calendar with features matched to your needs and industry.

  1. Free – Take a free calendar and become a publisher today, begin the journey to revenue.
  2. Community – Ideal for local community, blog and business sites focused on increasing relevant content and generating a new revenue line – Buy Online Today
  3. Premium – Digital first strategy focused on best in class calendar technology, Editor CMS and Sales CRM’s to grow deliver exceptional local event consumer experiences and tools to grow revenues – Schedule a demo.
  4. Enterprise – Specifically designed for print publishers such as newspapers and lifestyle magazines who wish to publisher a two page spread in their print publication and access best in class digital calendar and management software – Schedule a demo.

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