Group at a Christmas Party

Planning The Christmas Party: 18 Steps to Organising the Perfect Celebration

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The job of planning the company Christmas party can often seem something of an unwelcome and scary prospect. You are not alone if that’s how you are feeling about it, as the time constraints and pressure of wanting to organise something that all your colleagues will enjoy can make it a stressful ordeal. One thing […]

Cut a Rug: How to Get Your Guests to Dance

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Some people are blessed with employees or family members who consider a rented dance floor a little slice of heaven and a chance to bond with one another. For those of us who aren’t so lucky, it can be hard to get a dance party going during an event. Hopefully, a few skilled Twinkle Toes […]

A Crash-Course on How to Lighten Up the Party

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Lighting creates atmosphere. Use it to create effect, to illuminate, mask, highlight, create shadows and to set a certain mood or tone. This post is a crash-course in lighting party solutions and a handful of alternative, exciting ideas: LED/Plasma screens: Play favourite clips from a relevant movie in the background to help “set the scene” […]

How To Wow Office Colleagues With A Christmas Party Theme

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Organising events year after year often becomes harder when the ideas start to run thin and when the memory of one Christmas party runs into the next, it is definitely time for a change. Theme ideas are often easy to come up with, it is what you do with them that makes or breaks a […]

Christmas Party Tax Allowance: The Best Gift You’ll Get From HMRC All Year!

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HMRC aren’t known for their generosity. They’d take you to court over a penny and probably win. If you’re going to make one enemy, don’t make it HMRC. However, in a rare act of generosity, HMRC provide tax-breaks for Christmas parties and other social functions, assuming that they meet certain criteria. It is the intention […]

Elvis is Back! A Starting Point to Christmas Party Themes

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Why not do something totally outrageous this Christmas and make the office party a themed party. Although people often associate themed dress with clown costumes and play boy bunnies, there are also some classy options that may be more suitable. After all, these are your colleagues and not always your best mates, so think if […]

Easy-to-Organize Work Christmas Parties for the Office

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Arranging an event is not always the job of a professional event planner. There are many other types of event planners such as the office secretary, receptionist or PA and it is often these patient souls that get lumbered with the birthday parties, leaving parties, welcome speeches, office get-togethers and of course the Christmas dinner […]

To include or not to include? Christmas Party Packages

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As clients start to look at Christmas venues for the Christmas shindig, do you go down the route of offering a rock bottom price with just the basics in or do you advertise your price higher than your competitors but show that is has all of the whistles and bells on it? Let’s be honest […]