A Crash-Course on How to Lighten Up the Party

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Lighting creates atmosphere. Use it to create effect, to illuminate, mask, highlight, create shadows and to set a certain mood or tone. This post is a crash-course in lighting party solutions and a handful of alternative, exciting ideas: LED/Plasma screens: Play favourite clips from a relevant movie in the background to help “set the scene” […]

Reasons Why Corporate Events Fail

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The task of organising a corporate event takes an enormous amount of time, costs a ton of money and introduces a plethora of potential pitfalls. Today, I’d like to cover common mistakes companies face when planning a corporate event for the first time. Hopefully, pointing out some of these potential problems can help to alleviate […]

How To Convince A Client They Need An Event Planner

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I have worked in or with just about every position there is in both corporate and social events and one of the biggest mysteries to me is how customers and clients think event planners are an unnecessary expense. I understand that up front that they might need an explanation of cost, but almost everyone that […]

A guide to organising effective team building events

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‘Team building’ tends to be used as a catch-all term for a variety of corporate events from fun days away to team development and training, which can be a bit confusing. And with so many companies claiming to be able to accommodate anything required – it’s easy to find the wrong solution. This post is […]

Total Wipeout


I’ve noticed that some Googlers have ended up on eventjuice having searched for information on ‘Total Wipeout Events’, looking for details about the course, or something similar in the UK. So I’ve looked into this and hope this post answers those questions: Where is the Total Wipeout course and can I have a go? The […]