Event Insurance: Hoping for the Best, but Ready for the Worst

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The phrase “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong” should be familiar with anyone who has ever done anything, anywhere, ever. The odd thing is, if you stop and think about it: with proper planning and preparation, things actually go right far more often than they go wrong. But when it comes to […]

Required Event Facilities – License Savy

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One thing that you may have thought of for large, outdoor public events is the number of water closets you may need. What you may not know or have thought of is that there are minimum sanitary requirements depending on the expected size of your event. You will also need to cater for both able-bodied […]

Liability Insurance – License Savy

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There is no way round this. The Law insists that all Event Organizers have Employers Liability to cover all employees, even those that are classed as temporary, unpaid or voluntary helpers. Insurance is easy enough to set up through any insurance company but be aware that proprietors of certain venues may also insist on special […]

Avoid Electrical Shocks or Explosions by being License Savy

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To install any temporary electrical equipment requires a series of safety checks. A certificate of permission will need to be obtained for lighting, generators, L.P.G (liquefied petroleum gas) installation, stage construction and associated scenery and props. These alone will need to comply with fire safety regulations and be coated or covered with preventive fire products. […]

Entertainment at Events – License Savy

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Private events do not need an entertainment license but public ones do, whatever the size. Be careful here though, music and live entertainment provided for business purposes including fundraising events will require a ‘Performing Rights Society (PRS) for Music’ license and a ‘Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)’ license. Music license requirements however, do vary depending on […]

Food at Events – License Savy

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No event is complete without some great tasting finger food or a sit down dinner. Be particularly careful, however, with your culinary offerings at outdoor events and temporary event spaces. By this I mean temporary food stalls such as hotdog stands, hamburger stands, ice cream stalls and ethnic food stalls. Each stall owner must have […]

Frustration of Contract and Force Majeure

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Although we’d like to hope that every person who we ever make an agreement with will keep their promise, we believe it’s wishful thinking and the law recognizes this. There are some instances under English contract law where a breach of contract will be excused – in part or wholly – depending on the circumstances. […]

How do you make sure that your events are sustainable?

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We asked some of our clients how they did it. It makes for an interesting set of case studies. This video guide offers an insight and understanding of ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems. Crewsaders stakeholders, the DRP Group, Hawthorn Theatrical and Logistik as well as crewmen, talk about the different elements that need to […]

Outdoor and Indoor Requirements – License Savy

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Don’t take liberties. Temporary structures definitely require a licence or certification and the local authorities don’t take kindly to illegally erected marquees in the middle of their prized parkland. Permanent venues will most likely be already registered event spaces and have all their licenses in place but temporary event spaces and structures, such as marquees, […]

Size of event – License Savy

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Regardless of the size of your event you may still need a license in order to hold it. Always cross check with local and national authorities to ensure you have fully covered all eventualities during the planning stages. There is nothing worse than not being able to go through with your plans due to missing […]

Serving Alcohol at Events – License Savy

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There is always more to events than just putting up a few pretty decorations, booking the band and checking the guest list. Unless the party is for children or teetotallers, not that there is anything wrong with either, those who do enjoy a bevvy or two will not find it much of a party. If […]

An Introduction to Breach of Contract

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A breach of contract occurs where one party fails to fulfill their obligations under contract. A breach of contract can take many forms, for example: It would be a breach of contract where an employee leaves without giving two weeks notice (if this is a term of his contract), or where a customer does not […]