What Students are Looking for in Events Management Internships

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I’ve recently joined the hundreds of students in London looking for experience in the events industry. We’re constantly reminded by lecturers and career advisors that spending three years attending lectures, writing essays and pondering the more theological aspects of events management, just isn’t enough for a job now a days. Nope, we must also jump […]

Internships In The Event Industry: A Guide For Interns

career in events

Internships in the United Kingdom are an emerging trend in the way that employers recruit graduates. It’s no doubt that if you’re a current student or recently graduated, the buzz word “internship” will have graced your vocabulary. A recent survey by the High Fliers reported a worrying statistic: more than half the recruiters they surveyed […]

Building A Career In The Event Industry (Part 1)

career in events

“I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger” – The Faces This post is, the first in a series about building a career in the event industry – it’s aimed at event management students and others planning to work in events. I’ve tried to think about, and include the things […]