Difficult Speakers

The 5 Step Process for Managing Difficult Speakers

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There is nothing more destructive to trying to put on a good event than difficult speakers. Short of your venue exploding the day before your event, anyways. We’ve all experienced it. From the big name keynote with a two page list of demands to the panel speaker that’s completely disorganized, handling difficult personalities comes with […]


Renting an Entire Town for an Event

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The venue for an event can create the feeling or the soul for that particular entire event. Unusual events create a hint of mystery, or interest for event goers. An unusual locale could mean hosting a corporate function in an aquarium, a cocktail party in a lighthouse, or finding a way to integrate an entire […]

Important Questions to Ask an Event Planner BEFORE Hiring

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Hiring an event planner is similar to hiring an assistant, friend and manager all wrapped up in one. They are going to work closely with you for several weeks, months and days to make sure your event is exactly like or better than what you imagined, so you want to make sure you hire the […]

Behind the Scenes of Event Planning, Tip 1: Meet with Vendors & Venues

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Your event will only be as good as your management skills are behind the scenes, regardless of how great a host you may be. Don’t forget about the people who are actually putting your entire event planning into action on your behalf. Communication is definitely the key here and having everyone on the same page […]

4 Tips You Need to Know When Negotiating Your Next Hotel Rooming Block

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Contracts in general can be confusing, but your event hotel rooming block contract can be next to impossible to understand. From attrition, to amenities, to due dates all of these things are important to understand before signing on the dotted line. Hopefully the following tips will make things a little easier when working on your […]

How To Choose An Event Company To Work With

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Hiring an event company is one of the first major steps you take once you decide to move forward with your event and it can be the most crucial. Ideally an event company will not only work for you, but also work with you and help guide you through the entire process start to finish. […]

How To Convince A Client They Need An Event Planner

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I have worked in or with just about every position there is in both corporate and social events and one of the biggest mysteries to me is how customers and clients think event planners are an unnecessary expense. I understand that up front that they might need an explanation of cost, but almost everyone that […]

4 Tips You Need To Read Before Hiring Your Next Vendor

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Finding the right vendors for your event can be one of the biggest challenges in the planning process, especially if you are planning an event in a city you don’t live or work in. Hopefully a few of the following tips will help you navigate the waters a little easier and make sure you are […]

How to Choose the Right Event Suppliers

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I’m a strong believer in using specialist suppliers on events, oppose to doing lukewarm versions of everything yourself. However, a simple Google search will show that there are literally thousands of companies appearing to offer identical services – so it can be a challenge choosing the right one for you. Rather than going into great […]

A guide of what to ask when visiting a venue, hotel or site when planning an events

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The best way to work out whether a venue is suitable for an event is to go and see it. They say that the camera never lies, but I think that a massive pitful of the event industry is that venue websites and brochures have a tendency to use misleading images, only highlighting the best […]