Event and Wedding Planning Twitter Accounts

54 Must-Follow Event & Wedding Planning Twitter Accounts for 2014

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Staying connected is easier than ever thanks to the explosion in popularity of social networking sites like Twitter. The micro-blogging phenomenon is a great way to follow the comings and goings of the movers and shakers in your industry, and event and wedding planning is unsurprisingly well served. After all, have you ever met an […]

Event Budget

How to Event Budget Like A Pro

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Budgeting for an event isn’t easy. As well as the initial venue costs there are many more additional costs to consider, including catering and entertainment and the scramble to make savings or minimise contingency pay-outs, among other things! Careful and calculated planning is an absolute must for your next event, no matter how big or […]

How to Plan a Meeting for Heads of State

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It sounds so glitzy – Heads of States (HOS) jetting in from around the world to talk about the major issues facing nations. From glamorous cocktail parties to intimate board style meetings, any event that includes an HOS has unique needs. You might be thinking you’ll never have to deal with an HOS event, but […]

Creating the Foundations for Your Event

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Whenever I’ve begun planning for an event, I make myself a bucket of tea and I sit down to really contemplate the event that’s coming up, writing down a list of every question that comes to mind. There should be at least a full page of questions to sort through (if not 2 or 3 […]

Tip 3 – Practice Makes Perfect: Behind the Scenes of Event Planning

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Do not forget to schedule in enough time for a final run through of your live entertainment, especially when there is a line up of several different acts. You need to ensure that the transition between one performance and another is going to run like clockwork. It is all very well having something down on […]

Cue Sheets: Tip 2 – Behind the Scene of Event Planning

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Running orders are one thing but cue sheets for your entertainment personnel are essential. They don’t need to know what time the bar staff is arriving. A cue sheet provides exactly as it name suggests, a cue. This can be a word, action or particular section of music that acts as a prompt for a […]

Dealing with Inebriated Guests

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An over-served guest can ruin a function faster than a plague of locusts or an afternoon thunderstorm. How do you keep that lushy board or family member from taking over your carefully planned affair? The most important decision is whether you should invite them at all. Is it truly unavoidable? When was the last time […]

The Role You Will Regret If You Forget

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Pop quiz: What is the job you can assign for your event that will have you breathing sighs of relief (and admiring a little extra shred of intact sanity) that you have probably forgotten? You have someone to make the key tradeoff with the cranky venue attendant, you’ve hired the limo driver, you know exactly […]

Stop Obsessing And Start Enjoying Your Event

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When my sister decided to marry in 2009, my mother stopped sleeping. She lay awake worrying whether the mini quiche would still be hot if it was brought out before the wedding party arrived. She frittered over whether the tables would not leave enough space for everyone to dance. And she knew she was the […]

Repeat Customers: Maintaining A Fanbase

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Working hard to pack out a venue for one event is something most promoters can do, but what about repeat customers? Those that run weekly or monthly events may have found their fanbase dwindling due to overlooking some of the simplest tactics. Here’s a handful of tips that will keep your audience satisfied and coming […]

Planning An Event From Afar: Your Must Know And Must Have Items

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If you live in one part of the country and are planning an event in another part or even a different country you know that it’s not as easy as planning at your local convention centre or hotel. So how do you avoid surprises, culture differences and not having your own eyes on everything you […]

The Contingency Plan: Make One So You Don’t Need It

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You may be familiar with the old adage, “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong”, and if you hadn’t been aware of it before, you certainly are now. When it comes to event planning, many people choose to err on the side of optimism, assuming that everything will fall into place exactly as […]