Renting an Entire Town for an Event

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The venue for an event can create the feeling or the soul for that particular entire event. Unusual events create a hint of mystery, or interest for event goers. An unusual locale could mean hosting a corporate function in an aquarium, a cocktail party in a lighthouse, or finding a way to integrate an entire […]

Making Festivals Fun

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Whether they are purely celebratory in nature, or have fundraising purposes, festivals can be a great way to raise awareness about a cause and encourage the participation of the entire community; from its youngest residents to its oldest. In order for a festival to be successful and provide fun and entertainment for all its participants, […]

Unusual Business Idea – Plan A Festival & Follow These Top Tips

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Festivals are extremely popular these days and cover a wide range of topics. If you are a business owner then organising a local festival can be a great way to showcase your products, meet new suppliers and raise brand awareness. Whether you are a cookery school planning a food festival or a music teacher planning […]