ISO20121: Sustainable Event Management

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Last week the British Standard (BS8901) for sustainable event management was introduced as a series of protocols designed to address the specific sustainability issues presented by the events industry. With the objective of making event organisers aware of the environmental, social and economic issues that their events propose, the British Standard was designed to give […]

Sustainable Event Management: The British Standard (BS 8901)

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It would be easy to plan an event without any consideration of its impact on the environment. But if we all take part in wanton, environmentally hedonistic events management planning then events will start to appear in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Sustainable events management, which is also known as “event greening”, is […]

10 Simple Ways to Minimize your Event’s Green Footprint

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Going green and events are two things that don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Events in general have major environmental impacts from disposable cups to the event agendas scattered on the ground once everyone leaves. The good news is in the last few years both clients and event planners have realized that events need to […]