How to Plan a Meeting for Heads of State

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It sounds so glitzy – Heads of States (HOS) jetting in from around the world to talk about the major issues facing nations. From glamorous cocktail parties to intimate board style meetings, any event that includes an HOS has unique needs. You might be thinking you’ll never have to deal with an HOS event, but […]

Important Questions to Ask an Event Planner BEFORE Hiring

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Hiring an event planner is similar to hiring an assistant, friend and manager all wrapped up in one. They are going to work closely with you for several weeks, months and days to make sure your event is exactly like or better than what you imagined, so you want to make sure you hire the […]

Is the Death of Customer Service Holding You Back?

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We have all had it in our private lives, the cashier who is busy having a conversation with another employee and doesn’t even glance at you, how about person on the phone who tells you “I can’t do anything to help you”, and worst of all the inexplicably absent person whom you can contact. These […]

Common Courtesy : The Quibbles and Qualms (The do’s and dont’s of the corporate world)

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It is surprising how big the difference is, between the common courtesy we expect, what we receive and what we in turn, give back. Despite a certain unwritten common courtesy that underlies the corporate world, why is the simple act of being courteous so often found to be severely lacking when it plays a big […]

Beyond Networking: Building A Client Relationship

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A key to long-term success in almost any business is securing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship with your client/customer. While with some clients this happens instantaneously, some do require more time and work on your part. Either way the good news is that once this relationship is established and the trust secured your client […]

Above and Beyond

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It is always important to set clear goal posts and although they do have to be realistic with regards to time frame and budget, endeavour to look for innovative ways to enhance your events and challenge your creativity. What you put into an event in terms of organised planning, effort, time and creativity will determine […]