Tip 4: Tech Talk – Behind the Scenes of Event Planning

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Be sure that you meet all sound and/or light technicians that you might be employing for your event, however large or small. Creating ambience is crucial for any event and it is important to discuss set-up requirements. It is also useful for you to find things such as the following: 1. What lighting is required […]

Tip 3 – Practice Makes Perfect: Behind the Scenes of Event Planning

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Do not forget to schedule in enough time for a final run through of your live entertainment, especially when there is a line up of several different acts. You need to ensure that the transition between one performance and another is going to run like clockwork. It is all very well having something down on […]

Cue Sheets: Tip 2 – Behind the Scene of Event Planning

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Running orders are one thing but cue sheets for your entertainment personnel are essential. They don’t need to know what time the bar staff is arriving. A cue sheet provides exactly as it name suggests, a cue. This can be a word, action or particular section of music that acts as a prompt for a […]

Vendors: Getting The Most Out Of Gigs

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We’ve all passed up those vendors sitting behind their boring booths with an unhappy look on their face. They’ve been stuck in the same routine for far too long and barely flinch when a single sale comes through. Here are a handful of great tips to ensure you don’t be come one of these sellers… […]

Planning A Gig: 7 Steps To Make It Happen

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I’ve been meaning to write a post about how to plan a gig for a while, and on Sunday I went to Hackney Weekend and felt inspired. There’s something really special about discovering musicians that you really like or seeing your favourite band live. So the more opportunities to see and hear live music performances, […]