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Launching A Startup In The Events Industry – Hire Space

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The Problem: As someone who has spent many an hour calling venue after venue to find a suitable place for a birthday party, an office drinks reception or a campaign meeting, I’ve long been aware of the need to simplify the process and make the lives of industry professionals and frustrated one-off event organisers that […]

Naming Your Event Company – What’s In A Name?

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Choosing any kind of name is always a bit daunting, isn’t it? If you’re naming a child, you’ll look for a name that you think will suit its personality, and (hopefully) be on the lower end of fueling taunts and beatings in the schoolyard. The same applies when you’re naming your business: you’ll want something […]

Eventstagram in action

Eventstagram Receives Funding & Joins The Wayra Family (Owned by O2)


We all love a happy ending, but in this case it’s a happy next phase – which is even better. After months of applications, days of interviews, and hours of knuckle cracking and nail biting Eventstagram, the live Instagram display for events, became one of the 17 start up companies to be selected to receive […]

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The 20 Must-Download Apps for Busy Event Professionals

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You’re an event manager. You’re busy. What do you do? Our advice is to reach for your mobile or tablet. Not to check the latest on who’s dating who, or spend several hours on Angry Birds. There is a vast wealth of applications available on mobile or tablet which can make your life much easier […]

Event Startup Launch

How We Launched Our Event Startup –

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The Problem When helping to organise a friends Wedding, the now CTO of Eventstagram was tasked with finding a way to store and display wedding photos during the party. The immediate thoughts were that Instagram must be the best way to share photos at an event, but after an extensive search we found there were […]