Renting an Entire Town for an Event

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The venue for an event can create the feeling or the soul for that particular entire event. Unusual events create a hint of mystery, or interest for event goers. An unusual locale could mean hosting a corporate function in an aquarium, a cocktail party in a lighthouse, or finding a way to integrate an entire […]

Behind the Scenes of Event Planning, Tip 1: Meet with Vendors & Venues

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Your event will only be as good as your management skills are behind the scenes, regardless of how great a host you may be. Don’t forget about the people who are actually putting your entire event planning into action on your behalf. Communication is definitely the key here and having everyone on the same page […]

Transforming Outdoor Spaces for Beauty and Function

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Having an outdoor event, particularly in the summer, is automatically romantic and exciting. Indoor space simply cannot mimic the beauty of natural light, vegetation, and the promising whisper of evening breezes. But the reality of outdoor space also poses challenges, and the bubble may burst if you are not prepared. Bugs, rain, uncomfortable temperatures, inconvenient […]

A guide of what to ask when visiting a venue, hotel or site when planning an events

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The best way to work out whether a venue is suitable for an event is to go and see it. They say that the camera never lies, but I think that a massive pitful of the event industry is that venue websites and brochures have a tendency to use misleading images, only highlighting the best […]