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Our Journey

Throughout 2012 and into 2013 the evvnt team has been on a wild journey delivering our superior event marketing to the masses.
From our opening on April Fools’ Day (no joke!) we’ve built our little start-up into a service that has enabled event owners both to get their events online and have them broadcasted in the right places.
We’ve worked hard to build strong and diverse connections across the event space, from Jongleurs Comedy Clubs through to IQPC Worldwide, and created a service that now delivers broadcast marketing for events to anywhere between 35 and 90 event sites.
But, as important as our success in 2012 has been we’re already well underway in our efforts for 2013 to be the year when we take evvnt global. Rolling out across 8 new cities in early June to be shortly followed by ten more.
With seed funding on the cards and more bridges to build with the best event publishers out there, 2013 promises to be an exciting year for us.
For all our development, past, present and future, there are of course people behind it – so we thought we’d introduce you, virtually of course, to some of the people and life behind the scenes at evvnt…
The Family

The office
Of course to get to where we are now from a cold day in December a tremendous amount of effort has been put into this journey by lot of people.
A well-oiled team has been essential in creating an efficient and productive workspace. Here at evvnt our people are like family. Indeed they are the only real assets we have.
First on the roll call of honour much kudos must go to our CEO and Founder Richard Green.
With a 12 year background Creating world class digital products with companies like Qype, eBay
- Publishers: Johnston Press, Bauer Media and eSpotting
 it was his vision, determination and guts that got evvnt started and off the ground.
Natalie is our Head of Events and Client Services master; her work ensures that both our publishers and customers experience the most streamlined service possible, keeping everyone happy.
The list goes on through Craig, our Business Development guy earlier this year, to Dan, our developer who makes the tech AMAZING and built a great deal of what both you and we use today. And then of course there’s the publisher team.

The evvnt publisher team
The publisher team, the unsung heroes at evvnt, work to maintain the momentum of the business and form a big part of what we are today – they are the gunpowder in our cannons.
Working to source endless event listing sites, qualify their traffic and form the key benefit to our hundreds of events processed by our tech each day.
We’re proud of the wealth of diversity in our staff – from Sicily to South London we’ve left no stone unturned. The Leonardo da Vinci Engineering School in La Défense Paris has provided us with some exceptional French staff that has brought great enthusiasm to London and evvnt.

Damiano adding a touch of class to the office!

The common ethos here amongst our people at evvnt is our passionate commitment and our utter determination to disrupt and radically change-the-game for events marketing infinitely for the better in a digital World.
We love being in the centre of the city. With Soho and Oxford Street so close we have hundreds of events happening on our doorstep everyday.
Events are the life-blood of evvnt and very much course through our veins.
And being in such proximity to the beating heart of the World’s capital city a place where the world meets to study, work, create, invent, make friends and even fall in love gives us a great opportunity to party off the stress.
Whether it’s a club night, a conference or a kid’s picnic we’re all daily engaged in events one way or another often without thinking about it.
Being in the heart of Noho keeps us energised and now we find that our pursuit of events is taking us from round the corner to around the World!

We told you global domination!
Although we may be in London we’ve got a team with global roots that really helps us recognise the depth of our challenge ahead
We’re going from managing events from Pacha London to Sydney Australia, but the first baby-steps towards global domination.
Our journey has taken us from a dream to a reality – the only thing left is to redefine the entire events space.

The Future

2013 promises even more for evvnt and growth remains our key goal for the year.
We are working towards investment that will provide us with the boost we need to offer our services to everyone and anyone that is hosting an event.
We’re working on; an app to provide incredible mobile data reporting to our clients, getting more quality publishers on board to further expand our service and of course reaching out to ever more event organisers around the world.
We’re already working across North America and Australasia strengthening our connections and partnerships across the English-speaking World. The first step to us further pushin business growth globally.
We’re also forever expanding our relationships with event publishers, resellers, venues and conference organisers of all kinds and this will only continue and flourish into the rest of 2013, as we look to find more efficient and tech based solutions to build on our service.

We’re looking forward to an amazing 2013… come join us.

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