How to Promote Thanksgiving Events Online
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Thanksgiving is not a traditional British holiday, but since London is now very much an international city, there are great numbers of expats who are keen to celebrate this traditional American and Canadian holiday.

We’ve crowd-sourced some great suggestions from our LinkedIn Group and received good tips on what are the best ways to organise, market and promote Thanksgiving events.

How to Promote Thanksgiving Events Online

We asked our LinkedIn Group; “How to Promote Thanksgiving Events Online?”

1. Link events to other activities people are doing at this time of year
“Most people vacation, spend time with family or start their holiday shopping that week. Anything around that or a fundraiser for a charity that reaches out to those who may not have a Thanksgiving are typically the most respected and responded to Thanksgiving events.”
Amanda Brandon

2. It’s all about the food
“Thanksgiving is, thankfully, one of the least commercialised holidays – there aren’t any cards or presents, no fancy dress, no crazy decorations needed. It’s a holiday that is all about the food. Make sure your event features this important holiday element and whether you’ve got pumpkin pie, Autumnal drinks or a full turkey with all the trimmings, make sure you make the food a central part of your promotion strategy.”
Meaghan Fitzgerald

3. Holidays are always newsworthy
“As a former reporter, I can tell you that news outlets are interested in holiday stories and if the event has news value, there’s a good chance the news outlet might make mention of it.
It’s great when that happens because news of the event may appear in the Internet version of the newspaper/radio/TV site. As a result, it can get picked up on other Websites throughout the area.”
Marian Strozier

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