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Over more than a decade, Spraci has developed into a leading Internet site for information on parties, clubs, gigs, festivals, artists, d.j.s and pretty much anything to do with music, public and social events and the industry that revolves around them. Event organisers world wide can put their events of Spraci, ensuring their events go to thousands of people. Spraci deals with one genre, Clubbing – the audience is ultra relevant, and with localised targeting, you’re assured to get the right people looking at your events.

Location: Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Asia
Coverage: Global
Unique users: 20,000 per month
Local uniques: 
200 per month
Mobile App: Yes
Twitter: @spraci 
Sectors: Comedy, Live Music, Nightlife, Pubs / Bars

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Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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