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evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to Club Billboard

Nightlife event listing is one of evvnt’s strongest strength. The current market fits perfectly as every night becomes a fully-fledged event. Clubbillboard -one of the most comprehensive club listings, ticket shop and venue directory available on the web- built a partnership with us. evvnt is now an authorised publisher which is an ideal solution for Clubbillboard as it allows them to promote a premium service.

Clubbillboard has been set up for music lover. It is an online clubbing and live music community. It shares its content both on its webpage and on its mobile apps, which are available to and used by thousands of people world wide. With a high resolution website events promoters are able to add audio and video content to increase the appeal of any events listings.

Both venues and events promoters are able to increase awareness of their Club Billboard profiles by sharing on Facebook fan pages and Twitter feeds. Visitors to the site are able to set themselves up to receive “targeted e-flyers” which automatically update them about events they are interested in. The site now offers an online and a mobile ticket sales service: enabling venues and promoters to open their own mobile ticket shop. Ticketed events receive priority enhanced listings across Club Billboard.

Location: UK
Mobile app: 
Unique Users: 
320,000 per month
Local Users:
3,200 per month
Live Music, Nightlife

Email: [email protected]

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