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evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to the Press Association

Press Association is one of the UK’s biggest Event and News Aggregators. By posting on Press Association, you are joining 1m other events, all attracting attention nationwide, from various relevant news providers.

Press Association maintains a database of over one million live events taking place at more than 24,000 venues across the UK and Ireland.

Every kind of leisure event is listed including: film, theatre, gigs, exhibitions, comedy, clubs, dance, opera, classical music, places to visit, family and community events. Users can submit events to the relevant department, and they will be published nationwide, or to the most relevant news organisations. In addition to the comprehensive listings service a talented team of critics source pictures and write informed reviews and previews for key events.

Location: UK
Coverage: National
Unique Users: 153,000 per month
Local Uniques: 1,530 per month
Mobile App: No
Sectors: Any Event

Email: [email protected]

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