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evvnt technology – when applied to digital and print publishers creates a unique and interesting opportunity for ‘Premium Events’. Working with leading publishers and event owners to deliver a world class event marketing product that simply works.”

After an incredible few months for the team at evvnt we thought is was time to document the journey we have taken to develop a ‘publisher led’ events marketing solution for the the global events industry.
We started out with a clear problem that we wanted to fix ‘How do we quickly and effectively market a public facing event’. With over four hundred events sites in the UK alone operating with no clear premium event that delivers real value for the event owner we knew this was to be a challenge.

The problem we have identified with an event

  1. Time: An event is time sensitive and costly to market.
  2. Ineffective: Event marketing online is generally ineffective due to niche consumer channels and fragmented market.
  3. Knowledge: Poor understanding of where to market an event for the best results based on genre.
  4. Scale: Time consuming to reach a large audience quickly and effectively.
  5. Natural Search: Very difficult to index in natural search due to time restraints, the event ends prior to making it to Google – Lead time is crucial.

The solution

  • We believe the solution is created through premium placement on site and incorporating an ‘Event Broadcast’ to accelerate the availability of the event to a potential consumer.

Premium Event Publishing & Broadcasting

  • The event is published as a ‘Premium Event’ listing on the publisher site and then broadcast to 10 (Up to 30) credible event listing sites that have established event consumers such as Facebook, Ents 24, Eventful, Visit Scotland, Time Out, Song Kick…


  • The event is directly targeted at category specific event sites and relevant consumers by event interest and location using category mapping and location data.

Natural Search

  • The event and location data of an event are simultaneously used to create valuable search information which is picked up quickly and effectively by Google and other natural search engines.

Event Publishing Technology

  • Once sold via a sales team or online, the event sale is processed in to the CRM, event information is then passed via API to evvnt, published as a premium event on your site, published to the clients Facebook account and the event is then published to the selected events network. (Total list varies by publisher).

How evvnt works with publishers

Business Case Examples
Premium event placement on your site

Premium event broadcast via

If you are a publisher and wish to discover more, please drop us a line or contact us today.

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