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The decline of print advertising
Whilst we have a great deal of fun working on gaining maximum exposure for your events we are also serious about keeping abreast of the latest facts and figures in the industry. The truth is that evvnt has become necessary due to the decline in print advertising. It has been stated that the internet is threatening traditional print publishing – such as the Yellow Pages and newspapers – but we don’t believe this is the case: we believe the internet is the way forward – not a threat but a progression.

Whenever anyone is searching for an event or a venue nowadays it is more common that they would search online instead of turning to traditional methods. A major benefit of online advertising is that information and content are automatically published and are not limited in their progress by location or time. Online advertising also allows for the customising of content.

However, we also believe in maximum optimisation of opportunity and so we combine traditional and non traditional methods of advertising. There are still highly active events listings in the newspapers. Information still gains greater validation once in print, therefore, print advertisement is far from dead. So, whilst traditional print advertising is in decline, it is still a method that we are able to utilise to gain an even wider audience.

The monetisation problem
Print publishers have been struggling to monetise “What’s On” because if people aren’t buying magazines and newspapers, then they can’t view the ads in those publications. We are working with established, highly subscribed print advertisers to build a greater platform from which to launch your events. Just because we are London based doesn’t mean we only publicise with events listing print near to us: we have travelled far and wide to establish great relationships for your benefit.

How does evvnt help?
We have observed a niche market for us to fill: there are no other premium services delivering value for money online. Events organisers can come to us and we are able to get them listed on multiple events listing sites without them having to do any of the hard work. For just £9.99 per event listed your event can be listed on at least THIRTY FIVE different sites. These sites are all targeted to gain maximum possible attendance. We also have an excellent partnership with a number of print advertisers such as newspapers and moving forward we shall be utilising their “What’s On” pages in order to gain optimum exposure across media. We offer a premium events broadcasting service to all our customers: combining both print and online advertising forums.

 As part of our commitment to achieving the best possible coverage of our clients’ events we are endeavouring to meet all of our events publishers in person and really create strong personal relationships with them.

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